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Lactation Love News, Info and More

Community Activities and Events

Activities coming up or in the past include: Latch On/The Big Latch On, DIY Nursing Necklace Party, Breastmilk feeding Group Photo, Mini Nursing Photo Sessions, Breastfeeding Circle Story with Mommy Magazine, Babywearing and Breastfeeding, and more

Lactation Love Breastfeeding Support Groups


*Jacaranda Library, Venice FL - every Tuesday from 11:30-1PM (drop in style)

Welcoming all moms-to-be, mother's, grandmothers, nurslings and siblings -- Located in the Youth Activity Room


*Bradenton Location TBA

When do I contact Lactation Love?


- During pregnancy


- Before delivery in the birthing center, hospital or home birth


- After a complicated birth, C-Section, while baby is in the NICU


- If you feel your milk hasn't come in


- Within baby's first week


- If your Dr. is concerned about weight gain


- If baby has difficulty latching, is very fussy, or breastfeeding is painful


- Anytime you are worried, feel like breastfeeding is not going well, or just need some reassurance.


From Bradenton to North Port and internationally, our Lactation Counselors are offering breastfeeding support. In home, hospital, and birthing center support is provided for our direct service area. Skype or FaceTime support is offered for our National and International Clients.  Pregnant moms, please inquire about our private Breastfeeding Classes. Contact us today!

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